Benefits Of Large Sample Size

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Benefits of Large Sample Size

There are many advantages of a large sample size in terms of polling for opinion about a particular subject. For instance, you can use a sample questionnaire to interview a number of people with the aim of understanding their opinions on a particular subject. You can interview 2000 people in different parts of the country in order to project their desired candidate for presidency. The benefits of a large sample size in polling or research are listed below:

1. Accuracy
Accuracy is patent when you use a larger sample size for research and polling especially when you want to interview an entire population. For example, when you want to poll for an upcoming election and decide to interview 1000 people, you will get a higher margin of error – which is lower when you interview 2000 people. Therefore, a large sample size is accurate when polling and research provided it is done on an entire population.

2. Allows segmentation
Some instances may require you to do in-depth research into the set of data so that you know what certain people are thinking. Lets’ use the example above where you do polling for presidential elections, if you want to cover a large area you can ‘’divide” your data into separate segments, such as women compared to men, young compared to old, independents and Republicans You can get accurate data as well as the popularity of the presidential candidate in different demographic areas. An accurate projection is not possible when you interview a small group of people.

3. Effective brainstorming
In case you want to conduct market research on new products it is easy to generate better ideas for improvements and new products as well. When you sample 20 people you can get few ideas as compared to sampling more people. This is essential if you want to develop better products and services.

This technique is expensive and time consuming since you need the assistance of a number of people to do the polling or research.

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