Benefits Of Lactic acid

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Lactic_acidBenefits Of Lactic acid

Exercises and workout require a lot of energy to be released by the body. Glycogen in the muscles is broken down into glucose that is the main source of bodily energy. Each glucose molecule splits into two molecules of pyruvic acid. Along with it a lot of energy is released in the process. If sufficient oxygen is present in the cells, the pyruvic acid will further oxidize to release more energy. However, insufficient supply of oxygen, results in the transformation of pyruvic acid molecule into lactic acid. This usually happens during strenuous exercise when the requirement of oxygen in the body increases. The loactic acid formed during this time causes a burning sensation in the muscles. A few important benefits of lactic acid are:

1.Results in more energy.
Production of lactic acid in the body stimulates the production of glucose and glycogen in the liver. Both these molecules are important sources of energy for the body.

2.Helps in weight loss.
Once lactic acid is released in the exercise schedule, the body spends extra calories for its absorption. Lactic acid helps in quick use of dietary carbohydrates, thus increasing calorie burn. It is very helpful in reducing body weight.

3.Helps in improved growth.
Lactic acid helps to stimulate the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. It thus helps in increased physical growth.

4. Improves body metabolism.
Once the released lactic acid is absorbed the body, gradually the body improves at processing and utilizing this fuel. In succeeding workout sessions, the metabolism of the body becomes better.

5.Results in healthy muscles.
After the absorption of this released lactic acid, the body muscles gain strength and the overall aerobic capacity of the body is enhanced.

6.Delays the aging process.
Lactic acid released in the body stimulates the endocrine system. This results in more production of natural anti-aging serum that helps to prevent the body against the withering effects of aging. The net result is a younger skin and healthy body.

7.Improves stamina.
As the duration of exercising with lactic acid increases, you tolerance and stamina for strenuous exercising schedule also increases.

8.Benefits for men.
Research has shown that secretion and utilization of lactic acid helps to improve the secretion of testosterone- the male sex hormone. Thus more exercise, leads to increased secretion of lactic acid, which will ultimately lead to a better sex life.

Formation of lactic acid helps to keep the body healthy. Begin a regular work out, so that your body gets benefitted by this high energy fuel and maintains good health.

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