Benefits of Labor Unions

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Benefits of Labor Unions

Labor laws were initially ratified to equalize the bargaining power and the relationship between employees and their employers. On the other hand, they encouraged employees to strike for better working conditions and also put in place the rules for firing and hiring. The agreements endorsed by such unions were mandatory on member employees, employers and even non-member employees. These unions continue to offer a variety of benefits to employees across the country.

1. Higher wages
Labor unions and organized unions help their members negotiate higher wages and better contracts with their employees. These unions have historically played a big role in the implementation of a number of customary benefits, including sick pay, a minimum wage, family leave and vacation pay. Organized unions continue to provide better benefits and higher wages, both in public sector and in the private industry.

2. Pension Benefits
Unions have historically sought to provide better pension wages for their members, and today the public sector receives the strongest pension wages, which was substantially lower in the recent years when companies cut cost and as a result, workers had to shoulder the burden of planning for their retirement.

3. Equality
Labor unions ensure that all members are treated equally in the workplace. The union contract normally specifies when there are raises, and also what guidelines the company follows to ensure an employee is eligible for promotion. For that reason, all the members share similar guidelines and wok –related responsibilities. This ensures that favoritism doesn’t in any way play a role as to who gets a promotion or what benefits are awarded.

4. Employee presentation
Union representatives usually negotiate for better contracts on behalf of the employees. This is important as it ensures there is fair treatment in the workplace and also guards against employee discrimination. Workers have better leverage in negotiations for better working conditions or better pay if they belong to organized labor unions.

Though labor strikes are powerful in terms of bargaining for better working conditions, the main disadvantage is that employees are not certain that that such walkout will work effectively to produce the benefits they are seeking.

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    Was with The Labors Union in Houston Texas. 1971-1976
    What are my Benefits……Tks

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