Benefits Of Kundalini Awakening

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Benefits of Kundalini Awakening

Mostly used by Hindus and during yoga practice, Kundalini refers to dormant energy that is stored coiled in the spine of all people. Spiritual leaders normally aim to rouse the Kundalini because it is believed that Kundalini awakening is the power which is required to attain the spiritual awareness. Within the vertebral column are lotuses known as Chakra. They are usually seven. Upon the awakening of Kundalini energy, the Chakra in human have the following benefits;-

1. Muladhar Chakra
In Kundalini awakening, when this Chakra is aroused, the participant is able to live a healthy live rid of tensions. He is also able to attain true happiness, more physical strength, beauty as well as a magnetic persona. It has a symbol of earth element.

2. Swadhishtthan Chakra
Known to have the symbol of water element, this chakra activates freedom from ailments in the stomach and abdomen. When Kundalini awakening takes place at this level, the participant is able to enjoy sex more because it increases sexual powers in addition to curing sexual disabilities. It is also known to increase fearlessness, courage and magnetism.

3. Manipur Chakra
This chakra holds the fire symbol and upon its awakening a person enjoys a disease free life. It cures ailments such as diabetes, liver problems and kidney stones. People who have achieved this awakening have been said to have telepathic contact with plants and animals, walk on water and fly on air.

4. Anahat Chakra
Activating this Chakra results to boundless divine joy, peace of mind, frees the participants from tensions and enables them to have the power to observe the future as well as hypnotize others and also enter into divine trance.
Though Kundalini awakening is a great spiritual quest, attaining the ultimate goals in the process are quite difficult and need a lot of time and sacrifice.

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