Benefits Of Korean Ginseng

Benefits of Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng is popular for its many health benefits. The name Panax is a Greek word meaning ‘’all-healing” or ‘’panacea ‘’. On the other hand, the species ginseng means, ‘’ wonder of the world.” It is considered as a stimulant, demulcent, stomachic and aphrodisiac. Traditionally, the root was used to strengthen, rejuvenate and vitalize the entire body. Here are the common benefits of Korean ginseng.

1. Regulates blood sugar

Korean ginseng is popularly used to boost immunity. On the other hand, recent studies suggest that diabetic patients can consume ginseng to aid regulate blood sugar. One study had diabetic patients drink sugary beverage and then consume ginseng. Those patients who had taken sugary beverage, either after or before the Korean ginseng had low blood sugar levels.

2. Improves concentration in ADHD patients

Ginseng might also improve concentration in ADHD patients. Although these findings are only preliminary, recent studies suggests that the combination of gingko biloba and ginseng help improve concentration in ADHD patients.

3. Reduce stress

Korean ginseng is known to help in reducing stress, improving the immune system and boosting vitality. Korean ginseng, whether white or red, is taken often as daily stimulant as it has an added advantage of energy boost.

4. Combat flu viruses and cold

Recent studies indicate that Korean ginseng combat flu viruses, colds and even herpes infections. When taken in small doses, ginseng can help reduce severity of flu-like virus and colds. Although there is no scientific proof to these studies, levels of antibodies to prevent infections do rise while an individual is consuming ginseng extract.

5. Aids in digestion

Traditional Korean herbalist have used the wild root for many years to calm a person’s spirit, make lungs stronger, help in digestion, and give the patient extra energy.

The main shortcoming is that it may be difficult to determine the quality in herbal medicine. This is why it is essential to use standardized products to avert adverse side effects.

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