Benefits Of Kokum

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Benefits of Kokum

Kokum are nutritious purple berries commonly grown in India. Used in coastal curries and refreshing drinks, kokum fruits provide an array of health and medicinal properties. Besides its many culinary uses, here are other benefits you can get from incorporating kokum fruits into your daily nutrition.

1. Antioxidants
Kokum fruits are loaded with antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage as well as increased risk to disease and infection. Antioxidant are often found in veggies and fruits, thus make sure you incorporate kokum fruits into your nutritional plan for cell repair and regeneration. It is however advisable to moderate your intake to avert the onset of adverse effects.

2. Aids digestion
Kokum fruit can also help relive common gastric problems, including indigestion, constipation, flatulence and acidity. A number of studies show that regular ingestion of kokum fruits may be useful in the treatment of piles and dysentery.

3. Improves cardio-vascular function
Besides facilitating healthy digestion, consumption of kokum fruits may also help improve cardio-vascular function. On the other hand, the presence of hydroxycitric acids in kokum fruits aids in weight loss by eliminating unhealthy cholesterol.

4. Healing properties
Research also shows that kokum fruits may have healing and soothing properties when applied to wounds. However, studies are ongoing to determine whether these findings have scientific backing.

5. Skin care
Kokum butter, extracted from kokum seeds is an active ingredient in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and works well on sensitive, dry, burnt or irritated skin. As a precaution, make sure you consult a doctor prior to applying kokum butter if you have existing skin condition to avert potential side effects.
No side effect has been reported after taking kokum fruits. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to consume it in moderate amounts because excessive use may cause the onset of undesirable side effects.

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