Benefits Of Kissing

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kissBenefits of Kissing

Kissing is the most frequently used expression of love. Whether it is your parents, children or hubby kissing has been to show affection towards everybody. But here the term “kissing‒ will be considered in its sexual context. Kissing is mostly the first step towards sexual relationship. Apart from this, it also has a lot of benefits to the health and general behavior of the person.

1.Helps in reducing blood pressure
Kissing first increases the pulse rate and the blood pressure of the person. After the whole thing finishes the body feels relaxed and the pulse rate and blood pressure return to normal. But the consequence of the whole phenomenon is an overall reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol.

2.Improves blood circulation
Kissing is a very good facial exercise. It helps in keeping the facial muscles tight and increases blood circulation. The face muscles get into the state of tension thus making the skin smooth.

3.Helps in relieving stress
Kissing relieves a person from tension and stress. It generates positive energy and improves the general health and well being of a person.

4.Helps in burning calories
A sudden, romantic kiss helps in burning calories and increases the body metabolic rate. Thus it helps in reducing the body weight

5.Gives peace to mind
Kissing increases the levels of enzyme oxytocin in the blood. This produces an extremely calming effect and feeling of peace in the mind. It changes the dull and boring mood of a person and induces thrill and excitement.

6.Helps in relieving pain
Our mouth secretes natural antibiotics in the saliva during a kiss. The saliva also contains a kind of anesthetic which helps in relieving pain.

7.Ecstatic and exciting
Kissing increases the production of endorphins. These cause a state of excitement and improve the well being in the person.

8.Improves immunity
Exchanged saliva during kissing contains proteins and antigens useful for the body. They also trigger the production of antibodies, thus improving the immunity towards diseases and keep the person healthy.

9.Mouth Hygiene
During kissing a lot of saliva is produced and exchanged between partners. This saliva helps in washing bacteria and germs from the mouth. The saliva also helps in breaking down and removing plaque from the mouth. Saliva produces during kissing contains phosphorus and calcium and helps in preventing the formation of cavities. It prevents the teeth and mouth from diseases like gingivitis.

10.Makes a person optimistic
Kissing helps in the release of adrenaline which reduces the amounts of hydrocortisone responsible for stress. Thus kissing makes us happy, and optimistic towards life.
Kissing your partner will not only improve the chemistry between the two but also produce a number of health benefits for both of you. So don’t forget to kiss your wife before you leave for office tomorrow.

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