Benefits Of Kids Reading

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Benefits of Kids Reading

Reading aloud to young children has numerous benefits and forms an integral part in early childhood development. Since young children are hyperactive and may find it difficult to concentrate, you can set aside a few hours to help them improve on their reading. Once it has become a habit, reading will prepare them for kindergarten.

1. Develops Intelligence
Teaching your children how to read is important as it can help improve their intelligence, even more importantly they will learn new vocabulary. The best way to help enhance their reading ability is by reading stories to them. As they learn to pronounce new words, reading aloud will improve their vocabulary, increase their attention span, and enhance their concentration span.

2. Improves social skills
While reading is often done individually, it helps children to interact and socialize. When you teach your kids how to read, it gives them a chance to enjoy each others company. Moreover, reading together will teach them how to behave around their friends. It also gives them a chance to discuss new vocabulary with their teacher.

3. Bonding time
Parent and kids also have an opportunity to bond. It is a great opportunity that encourages one-on-one attention, and gives children ample time to prepare for kindergarten.

4. Expands their interests
Young children also learn about shapes, letters, numbers, and colors, while the older children will discover new knowledge. For instance, his attraction to cars will develop to his attraction to other forms of transportation like rockets and plane.

5. Enhances their imagination
Books teach children more about personalities, situations, relationships, and will help them improve their imagination. On the other hand, fairy tales will enhance their imagination as they are not only interactive, but intriguing as well.
Teaching children new words is a hard nut to crack and requires patience from your part.

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