Benefits Of Ketosis

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Benefits of Ketosis

Understanding how our body functions in terms of biochemical processes will assist us is making health changing steps. For instance, intake of large amounts of carbohydrates and ‘’bad” cholesterol may lead to stroke or heart attack. However, staying away from carbohydrate diet s often results in a reaction that causes a condition known as ketosis, where the body uses stored fat as energy.
1. Reduces cholesterol levels in the body
Dieting on low carbohydrate foods (carb) helps reduce high cholesterol levels. Eating starch-based diets and less sugar lowers production of glucose. Lower cholesterol and carbohydrates levels help slow down age-related diseases.
2. Improves mental acuity
If you desire to shed some few pounds without dieting, improve your creativity, or even solve common health problems like acid reflux or skin blemishes, a homeostatic nutrition (also known as ketogenic nutrition) might be ideal for you.
3. Aids in weight loss
A substance known as ketone is produced when fats are broken down to release energy. Initially, the ketones formed during this process are excreted by the body in the form of urine. However, ketones often accumulate in the body leading to a condition known as ketosis. The common side effects associated to this condition include loss of appetite, thereby is beneficial to people seeking to shed a few pounds.
4. Reduce hunger cravings
Ketosis happens when your body is deprived of carbohydrates. It uses stored fat as energy and hence is beneficial if you are dieting. Low carb nutrition combined with regular protein intake help to keep your muscles lean. Also, low carb nutrition greatly helps reduce the rate of metabolism in your body, which in turn reduces hunger cravings.
Although there are no drawbacks associated to ketosis with regards to weight loss, common side effects may include constant fatigue and general tiredness. Additionally, it can cause liver damage and muscle degeneration.

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