Benefits Of Ketchup

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Benefits of Ketchup

Ketchup is one of the most commonly used condiments found in most homes all over the world. It contains a potent known as lycopene that provides numerous benefits. Lycopene is usually deposited in various body organs including the lungs, liver, skin and also prostate gland. The following are health advantages of regular ketchup intake.
1. Lessens cancer risk
Extensive studies reveal reduced cancer risk in people whose diet s included ketchup. Lycopene, which is a key component of ketchup, has powerful anti-cancer effects. It acts like a scavenger and gets rid of the harmful effects that free radicals have on the cell tissues. As a result, it helps to guard against various kinds of cancer, especially prostate cancer
2. Enhances heart health
Not only does ketchup lessen cancer risk, but lycopene also assists to encourage a much healthier heart through reducing risk of developing heart complications. Since lycopene lowers arterial damage, it consequently lowers heart attack or stroke risk in two months. It also lowers cholesterol, which is beneficial for individuals suffering from diabetes.
3. Great lycopene source
According to recent studies, ketchup delivers a very high amount of lycopene as compared to other chemical brands. In fact, one organic ketchup brand delivers about 180 mg or lycopene. In addition, lycopene found in ketchup is easily absorbed into the body, resulting in quicker health benefits.
4. Extensive applications
Ketchup has extensive culinary uses and this makes it a popular condiment. It is commonly used with hot dogs and hamburgers. Other popular uses include the addition of ketchup to soups, vegetable dips, barbecued dishes, stews and many other dishes.
5. Anti-aging benefits
Regular use of ketchup is thought to enhance an individual’s lifespan. This is because it helps in reducing the onset of several disease including cataracts, gum diseases and even osteoporosis. It also enhances male fertility.
However, high ketchup intake is known to cause stomach upset as well as loose stools.

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