Benefits Of Kegel Exercises for Women

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Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Women

Women who do Kegel exercises have lots to benefit other than an improvement in problems like urinary incontinence and also in their respective sex lives. Kegel exercises were developed mainly for working the pelvic floor muscles so as to effectively strengthen that region like a method of fighting off urinary problems. The benefits of Kegel exercise for women are vast as discussed below.

1. Remedies urinary incontinence
One of the costs of debilitated pelvic floor muscles includes bowel or urinary incontinence. This problem might be alleviated through therapeutically strengthening these muscles. An analysis of several controlled trials concluded that Kegel exercises should be included in the treatment plans for women suffering from urinary incontinence. The effect of this treatment is normally greater in women over 45 years old who have stress caused urinary incontinence.

2. Prevents uterine prolapse
During pregnancy, the pelvic floor usually becomes weakened and stretched. A stretched pelvic floor might allow the sagging of pelvic organs, causing uterine prolapse. To evade this problem, women should do Kegel exercises every day, especially after giving birth. This can even lower the severity of the pelvic prolapse.

3. Enhances sexual satisfaction
Kegel exercises offer women more control of their vaginas. By increasing the sensitivity of a woman’s vagina, Kegel exercises ensure that that woman feels more pleasure during sexual intercourse. This will simply enhance sexual satisfaction and make it simpler for women to have several orgasms.

4. Increases self-esteem
Women who practice Kegel exercises have more self-esteem as compared to those who do not perform these simple exercises. Since the exercises increase vagina control, women no longer require being nervous when engaging in intercourse with their partners.

Kegel exercises for women should be practiced every day for several months so as to realize the aforementioned advantages.

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