Benefits Of Kava

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Benefits of Kava

Kava is a pepper that grows as a shrub in the South Pacific islands. The traditional Polynesian culture considered it as a sacred plant and thus it was used in various rituals and prayers. Even though kava root was chewed traditionally or used to make a beverage, nowadays it is majorly taken as an alternative treatment for depression in capsule, tea, liquid extract and tablet forms. Kava is also used to treat a great range of ailments and the following are other benefits of using it.

1. Relieves anxiety

Kava is one of the most popular natural reliefs for anxiety because of its capability to induce a relaxation state without impairing the mental function of the patient. In addition to that, it does not produce dependence or tolerance as compared to other anxiety medications like Valium and Xanax. Various clinical trials and research have shown that the kava root is very effective as an anxiety relief. The kava root also improves a person’s mood, drive and well-being while enhancing mental functions.

2. Increases vigilance

One of the most interesting benefits of kava is that in assists in increasing attentiveness as well as providing essential focus and concentration. This is the major reason why it is used by the soldiers in the Fiji military. It also provides muscle control prior to music and sport performances for reducing anxiety related to public speaking and any other public performances. In corporate meetings, it assists in sociability, mental clarity and enhanced decision making.

3. Improves the nervous system

The key active components of kava known as kavalactones are located in the plant root. These kavalactones are believed to affect the levels of neurotransmitters present in the blood. This leads to improved body response to stimuli.

Nevertheless, kava should not be consumed during pregnancy and it increases the alcohol effect. It also affects the function of some psychological treatment drugs.

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