Benefits of jute

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Benefits of jute

Jute is a plant that belongs to the genus Corchorus. ‘ The plant typically grows into shrubs with thick green leaves. ‘ It is commonly grown in countries with warm and humid climates. ‘ Much of it is cultivated in many countries around Asia and the Middle East because of the following benefits:

1. As a food source

Young jute leaves are actually eaten as vegetables in some parts of Asia. ‘ Based on research, jute contains various nutrients that are good for keeping the body healthy. As with other green leafy vegetables, jute also contains Vitamin A which is essential for a good eyesight. ‘ It also has calcium which is essential for stronger teeth and bones. ‘ Jute has Vitamins C and E which are considered to help delay the aging process. ‘ Jute leaves also contain anti-oxidants that help rid the body of free radicals that may cause certain illnesses including cancer.

2. ‘ As fiber

The fiber made out of the jute plant is a mixture of cellulose and wood which means it is partially a textile and partially wood. ‘ Fibers can be made from different jute varieties and these fibers can be turned into various useful things like ropes, bags, and fabric. ‘ Being a natural fiber, jute is popular choice in making containers or paper-based products.

3. As fertilizer

The jute plant is also helpful when it comes to soil fertilization for newer jute crops. Various farmers have taken advantaged of the jute plant’s re-usable or recyclable properties. ‘ Many people also prefer using jute as fertilizer since they are readily available and do not harm the environment.

Depending on how one uses the jute plant, it always provides a good benefit or use to people. ‘ The plant is also easy to cultivate as long as there are regular rains. ‘ Not many pesticides are also needed to be able to successfully grow the jute plant.

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