Benefits Of Journalism

Benefits of Journalism

A career in journalism is ideal for people interested in researching and spreading news and also those with strong presentation and writing skills. Aside from simply reporting news as they occur, journalism has several other benefits. Here are examples of benefits of journalism.

1. Flexibility

Journalism offers lots of flexibility to people looking to pursuing careers that are business-oriented in the years to come. Actually, most journalism majors go ahead into various fields like freelance reporting, marketing and public relations. Some even move on to develop their own consulting business or PR firm. Even though working for newspapers like a correspondent or reporter is the most common placement for people pursuing journalism careers, the growing communications field offers many opportunities in reporting and writing online also.

2. Travel opportunities

Since journalism mainly involves reporting different kinds of news in different areas of the world, it offers an important chance of travelling. In certain circumstances, journalists are required to relocate to another country to be capable of providing first hand data on the events occurring in that specific nation. Journalism is therefore a great career choice for people who enjoy travelling and meeting new people. Furthermore, this particular career also offers an opportunity for working with varied people from different cultures.

3. Great employment prospects

After completing your journalism degree and training program, you have the chance of pursuing rewarding careers like a reporter, editor, writer or media specialist in the communications industry. Graduates can also become news analysts at publications and newspapers. Those who opt to specialize in particular subjects and fields can really prosper, but competition in this industry is fierce.

Journalism has a number of disadvantages also. For instance, most of the starting posts in the communication field do not really pay well, with newspaper reporters getting only $18,000 per year.

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