Benefits Of Job Shadowing

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Benefits of Job Shadowing

Job shadowing simply refers to practical work experience where students get to learn about a certain job by working as shadow employees to more competent workers. This is usually temporary, unpaid work exposure in a career of interest to students. Job shadowing has many benefits and are as follows:

1. Get first-hand glimpse into a profession or company

Students get to experience first -hand what it entails to work in a certain position in the company, instead of hearing from friends or reading online. This helps students to make informed decision when it comes to selecting a career profession, saving potential disappointments down the road. Job shadowing is effective as it allows students to experience the work environment, occupational and employability skills in practice, potential career options and benefits of professional training.

2. Increases the student’s chances of being hired

While you are job shadowing, it is likely you will impress the company’s representative with your efficiency and communication skills. This will give you an added advantage over other job candidates with no practical job shadowing experience. Job shadowing allows students to portray their interest and skills required in a competitive working environment.

3. Gain experience

Job shadowing allows students to gain relevant industry experience that can be added on their rÃ’©sumÃ’©. On the other hand, it also allows students to add their company of choice to their rÃ’©sumÃ’© particularly in their required field of profession.

4. Expand networking contacts

If you show exemplary communication skills in your area of interest while job shadowing, they will share with you much vital contacts that can land you a position within the company. As you inquire about job shadowing opportunities, all the companies will know that you will contact them regarding possible future employment.

The main disadvantage is that job shadowing can be difficult, and with minimal pay. Some participants might not finish their job shadowing experience when they bump into difficulties along the way.

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