Benefits Of Jesus

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Benefits of Jesus

Jesus is the son of God our creator and is popular amongst many people. Regrettably, only several people really comprehend the benefits that Jesus offers a person if he or she fully believes in Him. Keep in mind that the act of believing is basically a personal decision and you cannot be forced to do so. The following article sheds light on the benefits of Jesus.

1. Enhances integrity
Intellectual benefits may be attained from fully believing in Jesus and all His teachings. What keeps people from really believing is actually sin. Naturally, we all love sinning and that is why most people still reject Jesus. Nevertheless, Jesus came so as to guide us and save us from this sinful world. Having faith in the teachings of Jesus will result in obedience. This obedience will assist you to avoid sin and enhance your integrity. It will result in a modified life that worships God.

2. Eternal life
In the bible when Israelites transgressed against God through grumbling, venomous snakes were sent by God to cause numerous deaths. However, once the Israelites asked for forgiveness, God pardoned their lives and provided an effective cure by instructing Moses to create a bronze kind of snake. This bronze snake was then placed on a tall pole. Any person who was bitten would look at the bronze snake and live. Eternal life and salvation are only gained through having faith in God.

3. Avoid condemnation
Through believing in Jesus, you are not going to be condemned. For those who opt to not have faith in God, they are already condemned. Jesus came because He wanted to guide and save us. You can only be saved provided you believe in His word. This is a guarantee that you will avoid condemnation, regardless of what you may have done.
Having faith and trust in Jesus has no shortcomings. Actually, this is the best decision that a person can make in his or her life.

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