Benefits Of Jello

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Benefits of Jello

Jello is a popular desert made commercially by boiling gelatin powder in water. It is not only tasty but has several health benefits as well. The benefits of jello include:

1. Aids in muscle growth

According to recent studies, jello contains an amino acid known as lysine, which is essential for muscle growth. Therefore it would seem that consuming jello would help build growing muscles in athletes, as well as those who want a more developed muscle.

2. Boost metabolism

Jello contains an essential amino acid, arginine which helps to enhance the body’s metabolism. An improved metabolism simply means more calories get burned, so consuming jello regularly not only improves metabolism but also aids in weight loss. However, recent studies indicate that arginine supplement can be deadly to people with heart problems, so ensure you consult a cardiologist or doctor before you consume arginine supplements.

3. Effective in weight loss

Jello does not contain cholesterol and normally has no fat or sugar in it. This means it is an effective nutrition option for those who want to shed some few calories. Jello also makes low calories and sugar free deserts, if you happen to be interested.

4. Prevent weak joints

Suffering from sore or stiff joints? Jello may be helpful as it contains amino acids essential to prevent the degeneration and weakness of cartilage joints. Although jello won’t help treat joint problems, it could possibly prevent the condition from getting worse.

5. Improves digestion

Jello also aids with digestion, particularly with foods such as dairy and meat that may rough your digestive system. The gelatin found in jello help to ease these foods through the intestines and stomach.

6. Skin health

Gelatin found in jello is used in cosmetics as it acts as an effective thickening agent, therefore helping make -up to remain on the skin more easily and longer. Protein in gelatin is popularly used to maintain the skin tone.

Apart from the immense health benefits, jello has disadvantages as well; one of them being that it can be deadly to patients with heart problems. For that reason, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to avoid health related complications.

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