Benefits Of Jeera

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Benefits of Jeera

Jeera is also referred to as cumin seeds and are of two kinds, black and white. The black type is popularly known as Shahjeera. However, both types are either used in powder or whole form. The flower is native to East India and the east Mediterranean. It is used for a number of purposes, and its benefits include;

1. Better for anemic patients

There are various reasons why you should include jeera in your nutrition. For starters, it is a vital element for production of hemoglobin in anemic patients, which is essential in transporting oxygen and nutrients to other parts in the body.

2. Treats skin problems

Cumin also helps treat skin diseases such as eczema, dry skin and psoriasis. It works effectively for digestive disorders as it controls stomach pain, morning sickness, diarrhea, and indigestion. On the other hand, it is popularly used to relieve headache, make hair glossy and shinny, and strengthen nails as well.

3. Boost metabolism

Jeera is effective in terms of improving the body’s metabolism, which is essential in regulating normal body activities.

4. Laxative properties

Cumin is popularly used in treatment of piles and common cold due to its fiber content, carminative and laxative properties. In addition, it aids in reducing symptoms of flus and common cold since it has antiseptic attributes.

5. Improves memory

It is effective in improving overall mental function and memory, and provides fast recovery for patients suffering from amnesia.

6. Enhance prenatal health

Jeera supports prenatal health in pregnant women. On the other hand, it also makes childbirth easier and since it is rich in iron, cumin enhances milk supply in nursing mothers.

The main shortcoming is that it can be difficult to identify standardized herbal medicine and as a result, many people end up buying bogus herbal medicine. For that reason, always do research to ensure you find the right herbal medication.

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