Benefits Of Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G

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Benefits of Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G

Jailbreaking your iPod Touch 4G means freeing the device from the restrictions set on it by Apple. It involves installing an application on the pc and then transferring it onto the device, enabling the user to alter it. Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G will add more functionality to the device and also provides these advantages;

1. New apps

Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G offers users the benefit of installing several beneficial apps that are not supported officially by Apple. If you desire to do an action that you are unable to do with the apps found on ITunes store, then you should definitely consider jailbreaking your iPhone. The additional functionality provided by the new apps that are now accessible is a huge benefit of jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G.

2. Saves money

Looking for money savings, then jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G. Jailbreaking enables the user to obtain free games. You can thus get full versions of your favorite games without any additional charges. Moreover, you can also download amazing backgrounds that were previously only limited to specific phones.

3. Simple and fast

Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G is simple and fast process that any person can do. The entire process actually takes about 10 minutes and then you can start using your modified iPod. It is fully reversible for those who might not like the new experience.

4. Better video chat

FaceTime app is a great new feature present on the iPod Touch 4G, but it works best on Wi-Fi networks, which might be hard to locate in most situations. However, through jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G, the FaceTime can run over 3G connections. This is much more convenient, especially if you are not within a Wi-Fi range.

Bricking is the main demerit of jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G. This renders the phone ineffectual and it usually requires a total restore for making it functional once again.

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