Benefits Of Jailbreaking Apple TV

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Benefits of Jailbreaking Apple TV

Jailbreaking Apple TV is a simple process that only takes less than 10 minutes to do. There are several resources around about jailbreaking and you can use them to do this task. It essentially involves opening up your Apple TV to more features and attaining additional functionality.

1. Better customization
When you undertake jailbreaking on Apple TV, you open your device to a new field of customization while you leave the old functionality in full working order. This means that you can still watch basketball, baseball and also rent films from iTunes. However, the new features that come with jailbreaking include the capability of installing other custom software like Nito TV and XBMC.

2. More video channels
Through jailbreaking Apple TV, it is now possible to enjoy more channels with the media center from X Box called XBMC. This was essentially custom software for the main Xbox, but it has recently been remade so that it can run on any system. With XBMC, you can easily open various kinds of video channels like Revision3, G4TV and National Geographic as well as viewing Google Reader.

3. Weather plugin
Jailbreaking Apple TV offers a new weather plugin that is very convenient. While this may sound trivial, it is simpler to not require checking a phone or computer when you want to find out the weather. In fact, you can even put this particular option on the main screen for quick use when you are installing Nito TV.

4. Remote HD
This particular addition following jailbreaking Apple TV is very helpful. Using Remote HD, you now have the capability of controlling your TV even when it is turned off. You can control Apple TV remotely from school, work or any other place.

Nonetheless, jailbreaking Apple TV is not perfect. You might notice several random quits following using it for a couple of weeks.

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