Benefits Of IVF

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Benefits of IVF

IVF refers to in vitro fertilization and it is a very popular treatment for people with infertility. It usually involves the intake of various medications by the female partner for stimulation of the ovaries in order to produce more eggs. These eggs are surgically harvested and then combined with a sperm from the male partner in a laboratory. The embryo is implanted back into the uterus of the woman.

1. Increases chances of pregnancy

IVF offers the advantage of increasing the chances of becoming pregnant. A woman with blocked fallopian tubes is going to have a very good opportunity of becoming pregnant. This is also the best option that you can use when the male partner has a reduced sperm count or other various issues that impacts his capability of fertilizing the egg. IVF and the implantation of already created embryos eliminate the need for sperms to navigate the reproductive tract of the woman.

2. Great treatment option

The best thing about IVF is the fact that it can be used as the method of treatment when the woman has premature ovarian failure and other issues with her own egg supply. This is because it provides the option of using donor eggs. In this case, the embryos are created using the sperms of the male partner and the donor sperms which are then implanted in the uterus of the woman at the correct time in her menstrual cycle.

3. Healthier babies

IVF offers the opportunity for testing for any genetic abnormalities before implanting the eggs back into the woman. This is very beneficial since some women have a higher risk for having a child affected by various chromosomal complications. This makes certain that only viable embryos are used.

However, IVF is a very invasive method of treatment and thus it should only be considered as a last resort when all other methods of becoming pregnant have failed.

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