Benefits Of IUD

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Benefits of IUD

IUD is a popular contraceptive technique used to prevent pregnancy. The device is placed within the uterine wall in which the string dangles down towards the upper vaginal cavity. There are two main types of IUDs, copper IUD and the progesterone hormone IUD. Here are the common benefits of IUD.

1. Affordability

IUD is not expensive as compared to other forms of birth control. Typically, one is required to pay a hefty cost ($300-500) and the fee for insertion, but fortunately you will be safe if you have insurance. On the other hand, birth control pills can cost over $300 dollars annually. Intrauterine device is long lasting and can work for more than 5 years, which makes it effective and inexpensive at the same time.

2. Compatibility with lifestyle changing needs

According to recent studies, IUD is the best reversible birth control option. This is due to the fact that it welcomes several choices for women, especially those who detest the effects of the ring, patch and the pills. It also works for those women who want to delay pregnancy if they think that their family is complete.

3. Rare complications

Although IUD carries minimal risks, medical science has evolved and using intrauterine devices as a method of birth control is no more perilous than giving birth. The possibility of pelvic inflammation disease and uterine perforation is common among IUD users who leave sexually transmitted infections untreated. For that reason, gynecologists suggest that IUD is effective for women in sexual monogamous relationships since it does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Low side effects

The IUD sometimes comes with minimal painful insertion procedure, initial cramping and few weeks of spotting. However, unlike other contraceptive options like under-the skin implants and progesterone shot, it does not in any way causes adverse side effects like chronic headaches or weight gain.

The main shortcoming is that IUD does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections. Therefore IUD is only effective for women who are in a monogamous relationship. On the other hand, you require a nurse or trained doctor to remove or insert the IUD to avoid vaginal infections or diseases.

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