Benefits of ISIC

Benefits of ISIC

ISIC or the International Student Identity Card is an identification card offered to full-time students who may want or need to travel to different places around the world. ‘ This card is issued by the ISIC Association and is considered to be the only proof of being a full-time student that is recognized in many countries around the globe. ‘ Having an ISIC provides the following benefits:

1. International Recognition

The ISIC is the only recognized student card in the world and this comes in very handy for full-time students who may need to go to another country for example. Whenever the situation requires that a student needs to prove that he/she is indeed one, then having an ISIC is a good choice.

2. Various Discounts

Having proof that one is a full-time student, a person will be able to enjoy a variety of discounts that are typically offered only to students. ‘ Whether one travels to different countries, full-time students can avail of discounts on goods and services as long as they bring along their ISIC. ‘ Although discounts may differ from one country to another, students usually get special offers in their transportation needs. ‘ This means that students with their ISIC can avail of lower-priced tickets on plane, train, ferry, and/or bus rides. ‘ Other places that discounts may be offered to students are book shops and eateries.

3. Access to an Emergency Hotline

Since the ISIC is ideal for travelling full-time students, there may be cases that some of these students may need emergency help in a foreign country. ‘ For this concern, having an ISIC gives one a round-the-clock access to an emergency phone support line. ‘ Another great thing about this service is that it can be availed by any ISIC-holding full time student for free.

With all the benefits mentioned above, having an ISIC is somewhat necessary for some students. ‘ This is especially true for those who frequently travel and those who are tight on their budgets.

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