Benefits Of Iron

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ironhealth_bookBenefits Of Iron
Iron is one of the most important mineral and is vital for the human health. About sixty five percent of bodily iron is contained in the red pigment of blood known as hemoglobin. It is responsible for the dark red color of the blood and is the carrier of oxygen to every cell of the body. Iron can be obtained from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. Vegetarian foods provide heme iron whereas non vegetarian foods provide foods non-heme iron. Legumes, soy beans, lentils, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, cereals, spinach, bread, turnip, broccoli, sprouts, and dry fruits are rich sources of iron. Sufficient amounts of iron should be taken as it has the following benefits:

1.Chief component of hemoglobin.
Iron is the chief component of hemoglobin, which itself is a vital part of blood. It is responsible for carrying oxygen- the life of living beings to every cells of the body.

2.Maintain the development and health of the brain.
The human brain consumes twenty percent of oxygen supplied to it by blood. Iron is present in every trace of blood carrying this oxygen and it is also absorbed by the brain. Presence of iron in the blood is therefore directly related to the development of the brain and maintenance of its health.

3.Helps in treating Anemia.
Deficiency of iron in the body causes anemia and can be cured by consuming rich amounts of iron either as natural food or in the form of supplements.

4.Treats the problems of painful periods.
Iron supplements are useful for relieving pain that comes along with monthly menstruation. Daily intake of iron supplements can help to cure this problem.

5.Helps to improve body metabolism.
Iron is an essential protein component that helps to improve body metabolism.

6.Improves the immunity of the body.
Regular and sufficient intake of iron helps to improve the defense mechanism of the body. It thus helps the body to fight many infections and inflammations.

7.Improves sleep.
Iron encourages sleep and prevents problems like insomnia

8.Improves concentration.
Intake of iron helps improve concentration in children. Children who take in good quantities of iron are better learners than others.

9.Improves physical performance.
Iron boosts the energy levels of the body. It is thus linked with improving physical performance.

10.Help to improve endocrine function.
Iron is an important component of most enzymes in the body. Thus sufficient amounts of iron in the body help to improve the endocrine function.

Iron is very beneficial for the body and should be taken through natural sources. Iron supplements should only consumed after consulting a doctor as excessive doses of these can cause serious problems and even death in case of small children.

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