Benefits Of Iraq War

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Benefits of Iraq War

The Iraq war is considered as one of the most disastrous policy in America’s history, and citizens looked with disbelief as great politicians got out of hand. The primary arguments that surround the real motivation include the rebuilding effort, and obviously the immense benefits the war would bring to US business owners and contractors. Nonetheless, there are several reasons why this argument is flawed since the war has affected US economy, and in addition, young Americans and innocent Iraqis were caught in the line of fire. However, here are some of the benefits of the war.

1. Memorial and burial benefits

The Veterans department offers memorial and burial benefits to all Iraq veterans, dependents and spouses at no cost. Dependents of eligible veterans who where unmarried and younger were also provided with memorial benefits at no costs. On the other hand, eligible veterans were buried at the National cemetery which comprises a grave-liner, a grave site and the headstone. Spouses were also eligible for memorial and burial benefits.

2. Health insurance

The Veteran department also provides health benefits to all Iraq veterans with no extra monthly charges whatsoever. On the other hand, Veterans were also given affordable TRICARE health coverage. This is a health care system of the Navy, Air force and army combined with civilian heath providers and resources. In addition to that, TRICARE also offers life insurance and dental insurance.

3. Education

Veterans of the war got many educational benefits, from boots to books, designed to prepare them for higher education. The course is mainly intended to assist individuals succeed in academics, family, work and other social responsibilities.

The main disadvantage of Iraq war is that innocent children and young American soldiers were caught in the line of fire. On the other hand, America has spent billions of dollars to send troops to Iraq. This money could have been used in other development projects such as road construction.

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