Benefits Of IPv4

Benefits of IPv4

In the last few years, the number of web users has increased and this has cause the onset of challenges for service providers, stake holders and management groups. Internet infrastructure is expanding every day due to advancement in technology, which means we now have the opportunity to enjoy web services even in remote areas. The IPv4 internet protocol addressing was designed to be more palatable but it soon expected to become extinct due to the increasing number of internet users and devices.

1. Reliable security
When you want to communicate with other users via a public medium, it is important to encrypt the information to uphold privacy and security. With advancement in technology, we now have reliable security measures for IPv4 address packets. Internet protocol security allows data encryption to maintain privacy and security.

2. Large routing tasks
IPv4 network allocation is vital and currently has more than 85000 functional routers and form the internet backbone. This infrastructure is dependent on hierarchical and flat routing as well. Additionally, it becomes easy to connect multiple devices across a large network without NAT. In other words, applications that don’t require NAT easily work through firewalls.

3. Video libraries and conferences
Due to the increasing number of internet users, browsing and data transfer online has become slow. This model of communication therefore provides quality service as well as efficient data transfer. In most cases, these services use TCP and UDP. Despite of having limited functionality, IPv4 addresses are redefined and allow data encryption.

4. Flexible
With IPv4, routing has become more scalable and efficient because addressing is aggregated more effectively. This works well for organization s that use multicast, data communication across the network becomes more specific.

Due to the increasing number of internet users, challenges are inevitable meaning that browsing and data transfer becomes slow.

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