Benefits Of IPS

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Benefits of IPS

Intrusion Prevention Systems commonly abbreviated as IPS are network applications that prevent malicious activity on the system and/or network. Intrusion prevention systems can detect malicious activity as well as the log information that pertain to the activity then attempt to stop/block the activity. The system primarily monitors the network server for malicious traffic before they cause further damage.

1. Corrects redundancy errors
Once they identify wary activity they send an alarm and drop all suspicious packets, blocking and/or resetting the network traffic from all intruding IP addresses. An Intrusion Prevention System can correct redundancy error and prevent common TCP sequencing problems. Moreover, it clears all unwanted network and transport layer problems.

2. Sets baseline parameters
Through a statistical based detection system IT experts can set up baseline parameters to monitor traffic conditions. Once the baseline is set up, the prevention system intermittently monitors network traffic through statistical analysis. When the network activity is further away the predetermined baseline the system immediately takes action.

3. Utilizes signatures
This method can help utilize signatures – a set of predetermined attack patterns. Another IPS system monitors network traffic to identify possible matches to the recognized signatures. These signatures are either vulnerability-based or exploit-based.

4. Identifies threats
IPS also conduct network behavior scrutiny to determine whether there are potential threats that may create traffic flow like policy violations and certain types of malware. Additionally, it features a software package that monitors suspicious activity such as malware and other events that occur within that specific host.

5. Analyzes protocol activity
In addition to identifying potential threats and policy violation, the wireless-based prevention system also analyzes protocol activity for suspicious malware and/or traffic.

Since the end-user always encounters network security vulnerabilities due to advancement in technology, it is not possible to keep your servers up-to-date in terms of software and prevention systems.

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