Benefits of iPhone

iphone_3gsBenefits of iPhone
When Apple, Inc. was established in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century, the mobile phone technology as we know it today was not even in development. Some radio phones were in use and also car phones were the craze. Although the first patent for a wireless phone was issued in 1908, but it took until 1969 for a patent of a cellular phone device of the pre-first generation to be filed and approved by the patent office, even though the zero generation was already available since after the WWII.

The first commercial cellular telephony network was established in 1979 and it took Apple twenty eight years to come up with a phone idea. But once it came out, just like with the Macintosh computer, it revolutionized the market. The so called candybar smartphone, being more colorful and very user friendly flooded the market, despite the hefty price and fierce competition. What are the benefits of iPhone units and why do people prefer them to other brands?

1. The knockout iPhone design
Although [intlink id=”452″ type=”post”]Apple[/intlink] had manufactured some nice gadgets in the past, most of them were realistically inferior to same priced competing products. The kicker was always how the Apple stuff looked like, namely Apple always had the best looking, posh, sophisticated, futuristic designs imaginable. The same goes for the iPhones. When everybody had the clubby looking phones with microscopic displays and oversized keyboards a la BlackBerry, Apple released a sleek looking touchscreen device with applications and gadgets integrated that was clearly geared towards kids, geeks and yuppies. Just now, competition is trying to copy the idea, whole companies planned their strategies as iPhone clones, like the HTC products with their Android platforms.

2. You get a whole iPod with your phone device
If you do not know what an iPod is, then you should wake up from your Rip Van Winkle-esque sleep. The gadget that popularized mp3 players and obliterated the Sony Walkman is a freebie with your iPhone. Nobody can beat that, but the originator of both, the iPod and the iPhone – Apple.

3. The latest version of the iPhone has the brand new LiPo battery technology integrated

If you ever had a cellular phone, you know – the better the battery, the more versatile and gadget laden can the phone be. What is the use of a multi-megapixel camera, if you cannot make a bunch of pictures, and what is the use of a bunch of pictures, if you have no flash and cannot make any photos indoors?

4. iPhone has sensors that save battery power
The sensors are there to deactivate or adjust the touchscreen according to the environment and to turn it off if you are on the phone talking. This technology has been implemented into the Android OS as well, which is a competing brand product.

While the Apple iPhone seemed more advanced than competing products, other matters concerned the public, like the battery not being capable of being replaced by the user and the relatively average camera. The battery life originally was very weak in comparison to similarly priced competing products, a major point of criticism. Furthermore, the moisture sensors were placed badly, voiding the warranty with many users who did absolutely nothing wrong, which alienated many customers.

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