Benefits Of iPhone 3GS

Benefits of iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3S is increasingly popular among cell phone enthusiasts due to its many exciting features. The phone is well-equipped with a variety of applications that make it stand out from the rest. In fact, those that fear many technophiles and enhancements will enjoy the new features and apps.

1. Business productivity

If you want to stay connected to projects when on holidays, an iPhone 3GS comes in handy as it includes a variety of business tools. It can handle simple word-processing tasks, as well as database and spreadsheet programs. However, if you don’t have these features on your iPhone, simply download them from the internet.

2. Stay organized

Apart from its numerous communication features, iPhone 3GS also has digital (PDA) assistant. Using its powerful built-in memory and processor, it is equipped with a calendar, an address book, voice recorder, note pad, as well as other exciting features aimed at keeping your professional and personal life running efficiently. The model has a camera that allows you to share video and photos, as well as GPS mapping.

3. E-mail capability

With an iPhone 3GS, you can read your emails at the comfort of your own home, which is convenient especially when you are on holiday. Whether at home having dinner, hiking with friends, or at the hospital, you can read your emails. The iPhone 3GS has email capability that enables you to send loads of messages to your friends and workmates.

4. Multimedia

It also has great sound for music and calls. The device is equipped with user friendly multimedia to accommodate internet sites and music. Streaming movies, podcasts and videos can be listened or seen on your device. Besides that, you can use the GPS locator to find places and restaurants.

The main drawback of the iPhone 3GS is that it lacks instant messaging. Also, it doesn’t have expandable memory.

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