Benefits Of iPad with 3G

Benefits of iPad with 3G

An iPad is among the first tablet computers which were developed by the Apple Incorporation. In 2010 it was announced that the iPad gadget would be categorized between a laptop and a smart phone. The iPad with 3G is Apple’s newest invention which is identical to the first iPad save for a few physical features. These are some of the benefits of having the latest iPad;

1. Extensive connectivity
Unlike the previous version of the iPad, the current iPad with 3G provides internet connectivity both ways. You can either use the 3G cellular network or the WiFi. This means that it can have connectivity in any place where there is cell phone coverage.

2. Accurate GPS
iPad with 3G delivers more on location based services as well as GPS. GPS in iPads, especially in iPad 3G is way more accurate. This iPad uses the Infineon Hammerhead II which makes it more reliable to use than the WiFi model which can offer similar GPS functions but cannot be able to pinpoint locations properly.

3. MobileMe subscription
The 3G model is a smarter buy than its counterpart as it can enable you to discover the Find My iPad feature as soon as you subscribe to the MobileMe service. Find My Ipad will allow you to access the Apple’s MobileMe website for purposes of tracking down the location of a stolen or lost iPad.

4. Increased performance
3G model iPad has good wireless reception and its download speeds are comparable to what you can experience with 3G iPhone. These speeds are good for routine browsing and regular checking of email as well as using most of the applications which you already have.
Overall, the iPad with all its benefits is very expensive even more so because you will have to pay for the data bundles.

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