Benefits Of iOS

Benefits of iOS

After the long anticipation from consumers, Apple has finally launched iOS 4.2 to run on the iPad but this update also supports other media devices that include the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch. The good news is that those who use iPad will also benefit from iOS.

1. Multitasking capabilities

Multitasking has never been easier, you can access multiple folders on AirPlay, iPad, Find My Game center, TV shows, Access to calendar schedule, dictionary and keyboard enhancements, Messaging with multiple tones , Accessibility enhancements and so forth. The most interesting features so far include the multitasking support, folders and the popular game center.

2. New game centers

This feature allows you to play with other gamers online or against friends in other parts of the world. It is a free service that that been integrated to improve iPad’s functionality. It is simple to use, simply sign in using your Apple ID. This is an amazing concept and many existing games have inbuilt game centers to attract a wider audience.

3. Customized folders

Users now have the chance to store multiple apps into one folder and mark it with a small text. This substantially neatens the icons and now instead of searching through multiple applications to find a particular folder, you can simply arrange the favorite iPad games into separate folders or store them in one folder. This is certainly suitable for those who prefer to alphabetize their folders.

4. Free video stream

Another exciting feature worth mentioning is AirPlay, which allows users to stream video directly to a larger screen. Although this is a great feature, it is not designed to stream games in a similar way and hence it considered as a drawback.

While there are no major drawbacks of iOS 4.0, users fell that Apple should customize AirPlay so that they can stream games directly to a larger screen.

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