Benefits Of iOS 4

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Benefits of iOS 4

The iOS 4 refers to the most recent operating system that was developed for the new iPhone 4 model and also later iPhone 3 models. This new OS is compatible with both iPhone 3Gs and iPhone G as well. Here is a look at the advantages of using iOS 4.

1. Multitasking benefits

A key iOS 4 benefit is that it is capable of running many applications simultaneously, which is quite useful. Nowadays, people desire to be capable of changing from a certain application to another one without necessarily needing to shut any. You can continue listening to music while browsing the internet and sending emails. Furthermore, if the system gets any update, it will be visible on the present interface that you are using.

2. Better organization

By using iOS 4, you can organize application icons in a common folder, similar with desktop icons. This is beneficial for people who have already installed many applications. The process also works very smoothly and it can assist you save lots of time since you can group apps with similar functions in the same folder. These changes mean that the menu screen is now capable of coping with about 2,150 applications.

3. Bluetooth keyboard

The iOS 4 provides keyboard support and it is very simple as you only require pairing with the keyboard after switching Bluetooth on. Aside from the time saving benefits of typing on an actual keyboard rather than the small iPhone screen, many people find it more comfortable and efficient.

4. Enhanced e-mail service

One major difference that has been made on the iOS 4 is that you can easily bring numerous accounts to one inbox. Moreover, the messages are also threaded.

Conversely, due to the new complex unlock mechanism on the iOS 4; many people have missed vital short messages and calls.

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