Benefits Of Injecting B12

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Benefits of Injecting B12

Also known as cobalamin, vitamin B12 is very important in the human body and is given as an injection to individuals who suffer from vitamin deficiency. Although there are disputes over how this supplement should be administered, injections are the best because they offer quick relief as compared to oral supplementation or nasal sprays. Below are some benefits of this supplement;-

1. Treats pernicious anemia
People who suffer from pernicious anemia are sometimes treated with regular dosages of vitamin B12 injections. Pernicious anemia patients are unable to take in sufficient vitamins from their food sources and these injections therefore help them to aid with the absorption. There are substitutes of vitamin B12 injections presently but many physicians generally advocate for injections rather than oral supplementation or sprays.

2. Lowers hormocysteine levels
B12 is important in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It helps to thin the blood while preventing blood stickiness. This consequently prevents blood clot which is occasioned by blood cells sticking together. Blood clots are what trigger or cause strokes.

3. Boosts moods
B12 shorts are recommended as mood boosters too. B12 is essential for proper functioning of the central nervous system. Any dysfunction in that area can cause depression and B12 shots can help treat this by working as a mood booster. Many people have reported of feeling happy, settled and calm after these shots.

4. Therapeutic effects
Vitamin B12 is not only restricted for treating deficiencies. B12 injections also have therapeutic purposes on the body. These injections act as stimulants and energize the body by increasing the cobalamin hormones which reduce the levels of stress in the body. It is also recommended for patients who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

However vitamin B12 shots can interfere with certain medications such as chemotherapy, and Glucophage among many others. Consulting with your physician before taking this supplement is highly recommended.

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