Benefits of industrialization


Industrialization is the process of transformation for a given society from manual means to a more mechanized option. In terms of getting food, industrialization involves the shift from standard agricultural-based activities to more technology-based processes like mechanization or the manufacture of goods. Industrialization also involves replacing some human services with machines that are aimed at making things faster and easier. Whether people like it or not, industrialization is a continuously evolving process in any part of the world. Benefits of industrialization include:

  1. Jobs generation

Various industries that are created in different societies basically need people to work. With mechanization and industrialization, more and more people will be needed for various tasks at specific companies. Some jobs may have been eliminated because of the invention of machines, even more vacancies are created because of other tasks that only humans can complete and provide. In the food manufacturing business for example, many people are needed to operate the machines that allow for the faster processing and manufacturing of goods.

  1. Lowering of prices in goods

With industrialization, various goods can be produced in mass amounts and this simply translates to lower prices. When goods can be manufactured for many people, the simple effect is that more income can be generated because of the high number of customers. When the process of manufacturing is so-called mechanized, the production will also entail lower cost and therefore translate to affordability when the goods reach the market.

  1. Time savings

Industrialization means that machines are used to replace so-called manual labor. When there are machines available, goods and services can be produced at a much faster and efficient rate compared to doing them manually. The faster the process is, the more time and effort will be saved along the way.

  1. More choices for consumers

The shift from manual to mechanical in terms of goods and services production has also led to more products made available to consumers. With faster processing and manufacturing time because of the help of machines, the ultimate winners will be the consumers who will have more choices for a given product or service line. The simple fact that goods can be produced faster makes it easier for manufacturers to come up with new products or variations of existing ones.

  1. Skills development

The advent of technology simply made people more efficient in what they do. With different machines created for specific purposes, skills are also needed and required. People will basically be learning new skills in the performance of their specific jobs. With the aid of machines and computers, these same people will become more equipped which can ultimately help them perform well in other tasks or even other related jobs.

Industrialization in many societies around the world has basically boosted the economy. With the use of machines and technology, various industries have grown exponentially in terms of production of goods and services. More products and varieties are created because of industrialization. Jobs are also created with the world’s ongoing shift to industrialization. The cycle of producing goods up to consumption basically becomes faster and more efficient because of industrialization.

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