Benefits Of Indian gooseberry

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gooseberry-pdBenefits Of Indian gooseberry

The Indian gooseberry is a fruit indigenous to India and has been used for preparing various Indian medicines since time immemorial. The Indian gooseberry is small, round or globular, six-lobed fruit abundantly grown in the Indian subcontinent. It is a light yellow colored fruit quite hard and thick in consistency, and has a diameter of about 1.25 cm. to 2.5 cm. It is an amazingly superb fruit and one of the most precious gifts of nature. It is one the richest natural source of antioxidant vitamin C and is readily absorbed by the human digestive system. The fruit contributes greatly in maintaining human health and longevity. The many benefits of Indian gooseberry are:

1.Rich source of Vitamin C .
Indian gooseberry is an excellent source of vitamin C in the most concentrated form. When the complete fruit is used, Vitamin C contained in the fruit is easily absorbed in the human body and helps to make a person healthy.

2.Helps to treat respiratory disorders.
Indian gooseberry is a medicinal tonic, which helps in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as tuberculosis of lungs, bronchitis and asthma.

3.Helps in treating eye disorders.
A mixture of Indian gooseberry juice with honey helps in preserving the eye sight. This mixture also aids in treating conjunctivitis and glaucoma and decreases intra ocular tension in a remarkable manner.

4.Improves the digestion and absorption processes.
Regular use of Indian gooseberry improves the digestion and absorption processes inside the body. Intake of this fruit helps people enjoy the taste of food. The effect of this fruit occurs so gradually that people suffering from problems of acidity can also consume this fruit. Intake of this fruit improves the assimilation of iron in blood.

5.Improves the mental functioning
Indian gooseberry is an excellent tonic for the brain. This small fruit nurtures the mind, enhances mental coordination helps in retention and recollection of information whenever desired.

6.Beneficial for the reproductive systems.
Indian gooseberry is highly beneficial for the reproductive systems of both men and women. It helps in regulating the menstrual cycle in women. Intake of this wonderful fruit nurtures the egg and the sperms, thus helping women to conceive.

7.Helps prevent ageing.
The Indian gooseberry contains an element that in prevents ageing. This compound also helps to maintain the body strength during old age. The presence of vitamin C improves resistance of the body and prevents it from the occurrence various kinds of infections.

8.Maintains healthy hair.
Intake of Indian gooseberry improves the absorption of calcium in the body. This helps to keep the bones, nails, teeth, and hair healthy.

The Indian gooseberry can be consumed in various forms depending upon the taste and liking of the person. Intake of gooseberry juice and tablets are the easiest to consume and is highly beneficial in maintaining the health of a person.

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