Benefits of Improv

Benefits of Improv

Improvisation is an enjoyable and safe environment for an individual to experience self-growth. Through interactive activities and exercises, an individual gets the chance to experience growth on a physical, emotional and physical level. Personal growth not only results in a person becoming an expert improviser, but it also provides the opportunity to transfer this knowledge to other parts of their lives.

1. Improves confidence

The activities performed during improvisation function like a mirror that allows the participants to notice their emotions, capabilities and behaviors. It is only through this way that such people can attain what every spiritual teacher and philosopher has stated all through history, which is to better understand themselves. Once you know how much potential you really have, then your confidence will likely increase. Improvisation also helps to identify the various areas in which a person needs extra assistance so as to achieve their personal goals.

2. Social benefits

Improvisation activities usually demand that people interact with their colleagues so as to attain one common objective. The objective, which can be narrating an interesting story, cannot be achieved if the participants do not harmoniously work together. To achieve this goal, participants develop the understanding and skills of the important tools that are needed for efficient teamwork. ‘ Improvisation helps to bring people together and gives the chance to work to attain a goal they could have never reached by themselves.

3. Promotes communication skills

Improvisation provides important communication skills, which has a huge effect on everyday life. Communication is a crucial part of life, since everything you do and say shows something small about you. Hence, improvisation exercises that focus on narratives and various methods of narrating stories assists people to realize the key elements that form an excellent story.

Finally, regularly practicing improvisation will provide you the ability of expressing yourself more effectively.

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