Benefits Of Immunization

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Benefits of Immunization

It may seem quite unbearable for the baby, but immunization is essential to prevent severe diseases like Diphtheria, Polio, Influenza type A and B, mumps, pneumonia, whooping cough, Tetanus, and meningitis to mention but a few. Here are the common benefits of providing immunization for your child.

1. Cost- effective solution

Vaccines are not only beneficial to the community, but they are also helpful in an economical capacity. The government is committed to both the child’s and mother’s well-being. This simply means that all the cost is incurred by the government. For instance, when the savings associated with death, disability, and work loss are factored in, you will realize that the total savings are increased to almost $27 per dollar. Combined with the total savings from the MMR vaccine, the country can save almost $4 billion yearly. In addition, renowned world organizations like UNICEF and WHO have the responsibility to provide affordable immunization for your children.

2. Protecting others

Vaccines are not only important in protecting the young ones from diseases, death and disability but they also serve to protect the entire community as a whole. This is because vaccines help to minimize the spread of contagious agents that may be detrimental to your health. For that reason, the importance of vaccine can never be over-emphasized since we all know the adverse consequences of failing to give immunizations to our kids.

3. Avert highly infectious diseases

Most childhood ailments are highly infectious. Therefore, sicknesses like diphtheria, cholera, measles and whooping –cough can easily spread from one child to the other. To avoid such epidemic in our society, we should ensure our children are immunized. Because of the government’s commitment to provide heath care to all, maternity homes, health centers and children hospitals are some of the few places where your child can receive immunization against childhood diseases.

The main problem is that despite the constant jiggles of television and radio urging parents to take the necessary measures to immunize their children, most parents are not keen to the entreaties.

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