Benefits Of Immigrants

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Benefits of Immigrants

The United Kingdom and the US currently have the highest number of immigrants. This has led to heightened fears about terrorisms and the impact of immigration has created a heated debated whether or not to curb immigration. While others state that illegal immigrants pose security threats, statistics show that they do provide an array of economical and cultural benefits.

1. Economic benefits
While critics state that illegal immigrants drain tax funds with regards to social services, this is not the case as they are ready to take on low paying jobs that most citizens feel too qualified to do. By taking jobs in manufacturing industries, host countries realize economic gains not to mention immigrants lower labor costs.

2. Cultural diversity
I am sure you agree with me that the world grows smaller as different cultures live harmoniously with each other. Immigration increases diversity that encourages exchange of ideas on how to do business. Citizens of the host country get an opportunity to interact with immigrants from different ethnical and cultural values.

3. Skilled labor
Most people normally move to other countries in search of greener pastures. This means they are ready to do any type of job provided they can meet their day-to-day needs. In most cases, immigrants act as a cheap source of labor in processing and manufacturing industries.

4. Improves living standards
Immigrants get the opportunity to make an income by doing odd-jobs that pay well. Their quality of life improves tremendously once they get a stable job. In other words immigrants get job opportunities to improve their overall wellbeing, both financially and socially.

5. Tax benefits
Host countries also get tax benefits since most immigrants have stable jobs. However, most workers contribute more in taxes monthly than what the government provides in return.

Immigration also has its share of disadvantages as well. For example, lack of job opportunities can increase crime rates.

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