Benefits Of Immigrant Workers

Benefits of Immigrant Workers

Statistics show that approximately more than 500,000 people migrate to foreign countries every year. The United States and the United Kingdom have reported an influx of immigrants and this trend is expected to continue as more people migrate in search of better job opportunities. There are plenty of benefits that immigrant workers provide, both cultural and social benefits.

1. Tax benefits
According to statistics, most immigrants who are currently residing in the United States and the United Kingdom are working either in industries or in private companies. Therefore, they pay their taxes and benefit from public services. Immigrants also provide the services needed in assembly and manufacturing industries, which helps fund pension programs for retired public officers.

2. Labor
In the United Kingdom and the U.S, immigrants usually work in low-end jobs that most natives would not do. Most immigrants typically work in manufacturing industries for minimal pay and this is evident due to skills shortage in developed countries, particularly in the manufacturing and processing industries.

3. Cultural diversity
Immigrants are usually from different parts of the world. Cultural, ethnic and racial diversity expose the British people to new ideologies and ways of life. Cultural diversity introduces American citizens to new foods, language and religion, not to mention the natives learn the ways of life of different ethnic groups. While diversity may cause conflict between different ethnicity and races, this trend has declined over the years.

4. Innovation
Immigrant workers also offer less tangible benefits. For instance, they expose natives to new ideas and experiences. U.K workers can benefit from the experiences and ideas from immigrant workers. Since immigrants typically come for different regions of the world, they provide diverse wisdom.
Some people argue that immigrants often bring down the income for British citizens. On the other hand, states with an influx of immigrants usually experience a loss in tax returns.

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