Benefits Of iGoogle

Benefits of iGoogle

iGoogle is homepage that allow you to customize a wide range of accessories to suite your needs. It has many useful gadgets including weather, news, shares and stocks. Also, you get to enjoy loads of gadgets like Tetris, hangman, and joke of the day among others.

1. Personalized dashboard

The iGoogle homepage give you the opportunity to customize your background in a way that suits you. You have a wide array of selection, from simple designs to cool 3D effects. Also, you can decide to add your favorite football team, or your favorite musician. Anything that might inspire your is definitely worth your while.


iGoogle has thousands of widget options, providing a wide range of options to choose from. Simply add whatever suits your preference, then customize your dashboard layout using the ‘’ Add Stuff” widget.

3. Organizes your tasks

You can add tasks and monitor all your deliverables. Also, you can decide to add details, by organizing each task according to priority. The reminder tool enable you track important schedules and tasks.

4. Social networking

iGoogle comes in handy as it ensures you get reliable news from trusted newswire. Also, you can see new trends on Twitter, post articles on Facebook or simply enjoy YouTube videos.

5. Add fun widgets

iGoogle provide endless possibilities since it lets you add fun applications, like puzzles games, entertainments news, and daily quotes. Moreover, it allow you to kill boredom all in a single page, how cool is that!

6. Organizes your inbox

You can customize your homepage in such a way that it displays the most recent mails. This help to save time which you would have spend opening the inbox only to find there are no new messages.

Customizing your webpage is time consuming, especially if you decide to change the entire interface.

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