Benefits Of IGF

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Benefits of IGF

IGF, commonly known as IGF-1, refers to the supplement that is just like natural insulin. In fact, IGF signifies Insulin-Like Growth Factor. It helps maintain and restore muscle mass, while lowering protein breakdown for production of energy when glucose is absent. Other than that, IGF supplements offer various other advantages as illustrated below.

1. Improves endurance
Bodybuilders and other athletes typically use IGF-1 for this reason. It not only improves endurance and energy, but it also fosters the growth and development of new muscle tissue. This means that you will be capable of working out for extended periods following the intake of IGF-1.

2. Nervous system
The nervous system may benefit also from IGF-1 use. Here, this particular hormone provides additional glucose for use by an individual’s nervous system. When there are insufficient energy stores, the nerves normally become affected. This is reflected in elderly people who have dwindling nerve function. Through using IGF-1, you can easily enhance your nerve function and boost your memory and cognitive skills.

3. Prevents ageing
IGF-1 has a beneficial effect in the process of ageing. It can guard against age-linked degeneration of skin tissue, bones and muscles. Since IGF-1 levels usually fall quickly if the liver has not been stimulated through HGH production, this benefit is greatest when constantly high levels of HGH are maintained

4. Boosts immune system
IGF-1 aids in improving both recovery and healing times, thereby improving immune function in general. Individuals using IGF-1 also portray good skin tone. In addition, this supplement promotes restful sleep and this aids in preventing anxiety and stress.

5. Cures stunted growth
When IGF-1 is used together with other treatments and responsibly monitored, it can be of benefit to people suffering from deficiencies in growth hormones or stunted growth.
Pregnant women, cancer patients and children should not consume this supplement.

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