Benefits of ICT in education


ICT or Information and Communication Technology have recently acquired a groundswell of interest and hence have become a matter of significant research area for many scholars all across the globe. One of the main reasons for such an upwelling is because ICT has greatly changed the face of education in several places around the world. Although the use of Information and Communication Technology in training and education, became a priority during the last decade in many European nations, but not many could achieve progress in it.

It has been found that although only a small percentile of schools have effectively used the ICT to change their teaching and training methods but the benefits of using ICT in the learning process of diverse subjects is truly something that has altered the effectiveness of training and teaching procedures.

While there are several schools around the globe who are still in the early phase of adopting Information and Communication Technology, here are a few major benefits of using this excellent teaching tool.

Increase in the student’s performance

In order to measure the impact of ICT on the students, a research was conducted by several educationists on the student’s performance for trying to establish a link between the use of ICT and the results of the student’s in their respective examinations. According to their findings it was found that ICT plays an extremely positive role on the student’s performances especially in the primary schools. It was also revealed in this finding that the effectiveness of ICT works more on English, while its effect are comparatively less significant in the science oriented streams.

Increase in student’s E-maturity

It has been noted that schools those that have excelled in their ICT teaching methods have higher level of E-maturity of their students. The E-maturity of the students in the said schools was reveled when the students apply ICT in strategic and discriminating ways, which resulted in significant raise in the student’s performances compared to those who did not.

Motivates the students

It has been seen that schools that are equipped with ICT resources often achieves better results than those who do not. Many teachers are convinced nowadays that this significant improvement in the learner’s performance happens because pupils often gets more motivated when computers and internet are ‘ used in their classrooms.

Decrease social disparity

It has been noticed during several research conducted on the advantages of using ICT in schools, that the use of ICT helps in reducing social disparity between the students. This happens because students often have to work in a team in order to achieve a given task when they use ICT for accomplishing their projects.

Increase responsibility

In addition, it has also been recognized that the use of ICT often make the students more responsible towards their work, when they organize their assigned jobs through digital portfolios or projects.

Apart from the said benefits of incorporating ICT in the classrooms incorporating virtual learning environment in the schools using interactive whiteboards helps in fostering instantaneous communication between the teachers, which aids in increasing collaboration between the educators over the internet stream.

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