Benefits Of Ibuprofen

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Benefits of Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is a cheap drug that is easily accessible since it does not require any prescription. Even though ibuprofen is mild enough such that it does not require any prescription, it is a very effective medicine. Here are some of the main benefits of ibuprofen.

1. Reduces inflammation

Ibuprofen can offer some relief for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The regular use of this particular drug lessens some of the swelling and pain but it is not going to alter progression of the disease.

2. Non-addictive

The greatest benefit of ibuprofen is the fact that it is not addictive. This means that there are not going to be any complications with individuals becoming dependent on ibuprofen which can happen with other painkillers. Apart from that, patients will not create any tolerance to ibuprofen and thus they are not going to require increasing their dosage in order to induce pain relieving effects.

3. Slows down advancement of Alzheimer’s

Recent studies reveal that ibuprofen slows down the advancement of Alzheimer’s. Ibuprofen is believed to be capable of reducing the amount of beta-amyloid that accumulates in the brain. Even though this information supports earlier data that shows that ibuprofen can limit and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease, health experts say it might also introduce new methods of thinking regarding how ibuprofen guards the brain. Various studies that were carried out indicate that people who took ibuprofen had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Evidence shows that the inflammation of the brain which is prompted by the amyloid deposits usually activates immune cells that damage nerve cells. This path of events is interrupted with the use of ibuprofen.

The shortcoming of ibuprofen is that it can cause internal bleeding and heart failure due to its antiplatelet effect. Since ibuprofen has a high toxic body effect, it should be carefully administered to avoid overdose.

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