Benefits Of Hydroponics

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Hydroponics is an alternative way of gardening using mainly water instead of soil as the primary agent for helping plants grow. With hydroponics, various plants like vegetables and fruits may be grown indoors or in a controlled environment. The basic feature of hydroponic gardening is the water source being pumped to help circulate its nutrients to the plants. Lighting may also be sourced from natural sunlight or from various lighting fixtures that are strategically placed to help photosynthesis. The popularity of hydroponics has grown over the years especially in urban areas wherein there is limited space for traditional soil gardening. The following are some benefits associated with hydroponic gardening:

  1. Water conservation

It may seem ironic, but hydroponic gardening actually uses less water compared to traditional soil gardening. Water used in hydroponics can be controlled and will eventually lead to conservation of water. As much as 60-70& less water is used in hydroponic gardening compared to soil gardening.

  1. Better yields

Hydroponic gardening involves a controlled environment in terms of the nutrient source from the water and the lighting needed by the plants. Plants generally grow at a faster rate when grown hydroponically with some growing 50/% faster compared to when they are grown on soil. Hydroponic gardening also results to higher yields because of the controlled environment. Plant growth and development is faster and of higher quality because of the ideal conditions in hydroponics.

  1. Less pesticide use

In a more controlled environment, hydroponic gardening also results to less use and reliance on pesticides. If the gardening is done indoors for example, there is a lesser chance of exposing the plants to various insects which can damage their growth and development. Pesticides may only be used when necessary.

  1. Less space needed

As much as 50% less space is needed in hydroponic gardening to produce the same quantity or yield when compared with soil gardening. With less space needed for hydroponics, land use will also be minimal and more space may be allocated for other purposes besides agriculture and gardening.

  1. Savings on fertilizers

The technology involved in hydroponics maximizes the fertilizers and nutrients that are dissolved in the water system. In this way, the plants in hydroponic gardening will get to only absorb what they need. The whole process will then translate to less fertilizer used with as much as 60% savings compared to soil gardening.

  1. Year-round gardening

Hydroponics gardening may be done all year round regardless of the season or weather conditions. The technology involved in terms of the water source and lighting ensures that plant growth and development will not be affected by the season or climate. In soil gardening, various plants need to be grown over a specific time of year for better growth and yields. With hydroponics, people need not worry about the proper timing for gardening.

Many people advocate hydroponic gardening because it can be implemented even in small spaces. The yield is expected to be higher and better because of the controlled conditions. People who do not have a wide land area and those who are restricted to indoor gardening may resort to hydroponics because of various benefits.

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