Benefits Of Hydroelectric Power

Benefits of Hydroelectric Power

Hydropower offers an array of benefits over fossil fuels but still faces environmental challenges. Since it is fueled by a large water source, it does not cause air pollution like coal and natural oil. In addition to that, hydroelectric power plants play an essential role in the irrigation of dry agricultural lands. Let us discuss more advantage of hydroelectric power.

1. No use of fuel
The main advantage of hydroelectric power is that no fuel is required during the production process. In other words, hydroelectric power plants make use of water sources to generate electricity . This in turn helps reduce air pollution. In fact, some countries in the word rely on hydroelectric power as it is cost effective.

2. Irrigation
Water sources such as dams are commonly used for irrigation in dry farmlands thereby help improve agriculture. Moreover, the cost of producing hydroelectric power is minimal as compared to mining fossil fuels. This is because it doesn’t rely on raw materials like oil, coal or natural gas. Since it utilizes water sources, your country can save lots of money.

3. Conserves the environment
Because no fuel is utilized during the production of hydroelectric power, air pollution is significantly reduced. Hydroelectric power is a clean source of energy because it is free from harmful pollutants and gases.

4. Long lasting
Hydroelectric power plants usually last longer as compared to thermal power plants. For example, a hydroelectric power plant can last for more than 50 years without tear thus saves on repair and maintenance costs.

5. Produces hydro power on large loads
A hydroelectric power plant can produce electricity on large loads. These power plants are easy to operate and can run throughout. Nuclear and thermal energy, on the other hand cannot be stopped on a daily basis.

Dams are expensive to construct since they have to be built properly to a high standard.

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