Benefits of HTML validation

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HTML validation

Although to put in sympathetically, the web is a rather forgiving place as you can feed your web browsers with almost any sort of JavaScript codes or HTML markups and they shall try to make sense of it and render the best. But most programming languages are not so. They are in fact cruel and unforgiving. So if there is even a single character out of place, it is natural that your program won’t comply, much less run, since these languages don’t gamely try on your mistakes.

This is why JavaScript and HTML environments are rather unique software development platforms. However if you don’t bother with HTML validation when designing your websites, you may later find your site is slowing down, appear incorrectly in the main browser or even not rank well for all major search engines. Hence HTML validation is the process that analyses any HTML document by comparing them with standard HTML rules that helps in identifying non-standard codes and errors on that page.

Since web pages are rendered by using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) here are few important benefits of HTML validation of the web page:

Improve website accessibility

Validating HTML codes helps in pinpointing areas of potential blockage that can hamper your visitors and the search engine spiders from accessing your websites. When one runs the websites through the HTML code validator, it highlights the errors that needs to be corrected for optimal rendering of the webpage.

Helps in faster loading

It is a known theory that once the webpage contains codes that have HTML errors, it takes longer time for loading. HTML validation clears the hidden errors on the webpage which makes it load faster and thus take much lesser time for the search engines to spider it online. It is best to remember under this context, that if your page does not load under 10 to 15 seconds its apparent that your visitor may consider clicking on your competitor’s websites.

Puts less load on the server

Nested tables and complicated codes often taxes the server much more than clean and simple HTML codes. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, reduces the amount of codes needed for creating your webpage. Thus in other words, HTML validation not only cuts down on your web space but also reduces bandwidth which in turn saves a lot of money while hosting the websites.

Ease of website maintenance and update

When there are no mistakes in the website’s HTML codes, which can be done by HTML validation, it becomes easier and faster to make changes on those websites. So while for the web designer it saves a lot of time, for the client it becomes a saving on his wallet.

Aids in browser compatibility

Validating the HTML codes of the webpage, ensures both the client and the web designer that the site is compatible with all the current browsers and also for the future browsers that shall come in due course of time. As all current browsers those that are most popular online, continue to update their rules and all future browsers will also make sure that the webpages are HTML compliant, hence it is always a wise decision to do HTML validation of the webpages before rendering it online.

Apart from the above stated fact, once the webpages appear correctly in all major browsers with the help of HTML validation of the codes, it helps the webpages to reach a larger audience which in return increases the sales potential of your website.

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