Benefits of Hot Tub

Hot Tabs

People has always used hot tubs of some kind or the other for hundreds of years to relieve pains and aches and for benefiting health. However the modern concept of hot tub was invented by Candido Jacuzzi who developed a set of submersible pumps beneath a tub to provide hydrotherapy for his 15 month old son Kenny who had rheumatoid arthritis.

Hot tubs helps in soothing muscle pains and provide relaxation. Even in Greek mythology it was believed that natural hot water springs were blessed by the Gods for its healing properties.

Although today’s hot tubs do not heal major illnesses but nevertheless it has several health benefits in many other ways, some of which are illustrated below.

Helps in better circulation

Bathing in hot tubs are extremely helpful as it helps in dilation of our blood vessels, which in turn increases the overall blood flow throughout our body. This helps in better circulation of oxygen and enzymes and delivery of healing substances to the site of our aches that reduces our pains.

Reduces insomnia

People those who suffer from insomnia are often recommended to relax in a hot tub for 15-20 min before bedtime, for enjoying a deep and peaceful overnight sleep. It has been medically proved that hot water bath, especially when it is done in a hot tub, helps our body to releases sufficient Endorphins which aids in alleviating stress and harbor sleep.

Alleviates arthritic swelling and pain

As water makes our body buoyant and thus allow free movement of our joints, bathing inside hot tubs are ideal for patients those who suffers from arthritis. It is a scientifically proven fact that once we immerse ourselves inside any water body we become 90% less than our weight than when we remain outside. So when inside the hot tubs once the stress of our weight gets removed from the joints our body can move more freely and that too without the often associated pain that one has when they suffer from arthritis.

Helps in weight loss

It has been observed that hot tubs are an excellent proposition for accelerating weight loss. According to certain reports, it has been noticed that undergoing hot tub treatment for approximately 45 min for three to four times in a week helps in considerable reduction of our unwanted fats when it is accompanied with proper workouts and adequate exercise.

Helps in controlling blood pressure

It is a wide known fact that hot tub therapy is one most effective and natural means to cure high blood pressure ailments. It has been noticed that as we seem to feel more relaxed when we sit inside hot tubs, our blood circulation improves which in turn lowers our blood pressure levels.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits, hot tubs also helps in curing damaged nerves, which can happen because of a number of reasons.

More to say hot tubs are also used by certain physicians all across the globe for relieving labor pain which is also an ancient remedy for easing childbirth.

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