Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

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massageA hot stone therapy helps you to relieve any tensions in your muscles, relax and rejuvenate yourself after a tiring days work. The Native Americans and native cultures have been using this technique for ages to ensure spiritual, mental and physical wellness. Hot stone massage is perfect to bring mental piece and wellness in a person. These are actually basalt stones which are polished and hardened lava rocks which are heated by water by using an electric roaster. These hot stones are then placed in points called pressure points which help in melting away the tension by bringing a calm atmosphere. Your mind becomes free from all kinds of stress, anxiety, restlessness and a sense of well being is achieved with hot stone therapy.

Hot stone massage is done to cure insomnia in people. Since it makes your mind stress free and calm you get sleep. Depression is also treated effectively. Another advantage of hot stone massage is that it gives spiritual wellness. The warm stone relaxes your body making your mind calm and puts you into a deep state of meditation. The body getsÂ’  Re-energized in this state where positive energy flows through the whole body. The experience of hot stone therapy takes you into a personal vacation where you get a wonderful refreshing experience of the lifetime.

The hot stone massage gives you a sense of complete physical wellness. Your muscles relax and your body is freed from pain and tensions. Pain related to arthritis is released with the touch of warm stones on your body. The blood circulation of your body is better after a massage and this gives you a healthy heart too. Flow of oxygen is stimulated and the nervous system of the body is calmed down. The human body gets detoxified and heals with hot stone massage. An overall good health and positive feeling is achieved with this therapy.

The stones are of small as well as large sizes. To treat larger areas of the body, large stones are used. The small stones are very smooth and glide smoothly and effortlessly over the body. The rough stones used for hot stone massage also have certain advantages. It causes a friction by warming up the tissues of the body and is used for exfoliation.

The hot stone massage is a great treat you can gift yourself with. From time to time our body also needs to get re-energized to start again. Almost all good health spas have the hot stone massage therapy available. The experience can be really wonderful and beneficial for rejuvenating you body and mind.

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