Benefits of Hookah

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The term hookah refers to a kind of water pipe consisting of several hoses for purposes of smoking. It also contains a bowl for holding the tobacco. Hookah comes in various styles and sizes and they can be purchased throughout the globe. Many people delight in the pleasure of hookah smoking due to its benefits over other smoking forms. Consider the following benefits of hookah.

1. Avoid nicotine dependence

The main hookah benefit is that it allows users to avoid developing nicotine dependence. Nicotine is essentially the substance that causes addiction. It is the main ingredient found in cigarettes and it causes addiction. Nevertheless, hookah still contains some tobacco, which is still addictive as compared to the one found in cigarettes.

2. Prevents teeth staining

Among the main hookah benefits is that it prevents teeth from staining. Dentists report that frequent hookah smoking to some extent is better for improving general oral health. Because of the variations in the manufacturing of shisha or hookah tobacco, it will not stain teeth like the smoke from cigarettes does. For those who want to smoke and still have a white smile, then you should consider using hookah.

3. Fresher smell

Most people may agree that the scent of cigarettes is offensive and it leaves people smelling like ash trays. In contrast, the tobacco utilized during hookah production is made using a mixture of sweetener, tobacco and fruit. This provides a pleasant scent, instead of a smelly cigarette smoke.

Despite these perceived benefits, there are some demerits associated with hookah smoking. It can assist in passing colds or viruses around because hookah is social and requires that users pass the hoses around in various settings like lounges or bars. This places the users at an enhanced danger of infectious diseases such as oral herpes.

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