Benefits Of Honey

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honeyHealth Benefits Of Honey

Unprocessed pure honey contains a natural sugar-sucrose that is very beneficial for the body. Honey is an excellent source of energy as one tablespoon of it contains 54 calories. Apart from all this honey has many benefits for humans. These include:

1.Helps to improve immunity of the body.
Honey helps to boost the immunity of the body and makes it capable of fighting many infections. It contains many anti-oxidants that keep the body safe from free radicals that are formed as a result of various metabolic reactions. The anti-bacterial properties of honey help to improve the digestive system and fight may bacteria that attack the body.

2.Helps in healing wounds.
Honey is efficient in healing both external and internal wounds and skin scars. It is therefore used for the treatment of various clinical conditions like problems of gastro intestinal tract. The soothing effect of honey makes it useful for the treatment of ophthalmic problems.

3.Used for the treatment of mouth diseases.
It is used for the treatment of many mouth diseases like gingivitis or swelling of the gums. It is also used for curing other periodontal diseases that usually affect the tissues surrounding the root and neck of tooth.

4.Antiseptic properties of honey.
Honey helps to block the growth of bacteria and disease causing pathogens like bacteria and virus. It is therefore used for cleansing and sterilizing burns and wounds.

5.Used for the treatment of diseases like anemia.
Deficiency of red blood cells I the body results in serious conditions like anemia. Honey replenishes the iron content of the blood and cures this disease.

6.Helps in the treatment of insomnia.
A teaspoon of honey dissolved in milk and consumed at night helps I treatment conditions of insomnia and improves sleep.

7.Helps in weight loss.
A mixture of honey and lemon in water helps in burning body fat and promotes weight loss. Thus intake of honey is beneficial for reducing obesity and curing many diseases associated with it.

8.Helps in treating sore throat.
Intake of honey helps in the treatment of sore throat. The antimicrobial properties of honey kill the microbes that cause soaring and helps treat it in the primary stage.

With so many benefits to our health you ought to include honey in your diet. Regular intake of honey will prepare your body against may diseases before you are attacked by them.

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